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On Tuesday, June 20th, 2017, after having checked all watercolour works that had arrived, the jury chose six authors for the following awards:

The 1st award for 1,200 EUR goes to Al-Lami Salim Mathkour – Iraq

The 2nd award for 900 EUR goes to Luka Popič – Slovenia

The 3rd award for 700 EUR goes to Pawel Gladkow –  Poland

The 4rd award for 600 EUR goes to Trond Einar Solberg Indsetviken – Norway

The 5rd award for 500 EUR goes to Natalia Studenkova – Ukraine/Slovakia                      

The 6rd award DLUSP (solo exhibition at the Lokar Gallery) goes to Berko – Slovenia

In addition to the awards, the jury also awarded five diplomas. Diplomas are received by:

  1. Anna Ivanova – Russia
  2. Massimiliano Iocco – Italia
  3. Olga Kharchenko – Russia
  4. Nataša Tajnik Stupar – Slovenia
  5. Javier Zorrilla – Spain

We congratulate all the winners!

The awards will be paid out after the opening of the exhibition in October. The winners will be notified via email about the details.